LT-32VHQ52I : JVC has a display LED

LT-32VHQ52I from JVC – Presentation of this HD

The firm JVC is deciding today to launch a new mid-range model with its LT-32VHQ52I.
First of all, regarding the size of the screen, we are facing a 32 inches.
Small but tough ; hopefully seeing its size , it will perhaps follow you (house move or holidays…). Good opportunities to test its reliability in the long run.
Beside, this television is equipped with a HD resolution.  Even if it is in a mid-range position, it offers interesting specifications, partly justifying its price.
Has the JVC succeeded in the challenge of an efficient television set. This is what we are going to see just after .

TV design presentation JVC LT-32VHQ52I

The JVC LT-32VHQ52I with its simple design is an interesting alternative for anyone who wants an elegant television set in the mid-range segment.
Innovation. This seems to be the key word given by JVC to characterize the LT-32VHQ52I.
A good overall score for this TV; it corresponds to design in the spirit of the times. A quality of materials and a visual aspect that does not make you insensitive.
The JVC LT-32VHQ52I is quite standard, flat.
With an interesting size of 32 inches, Another thing we can highlight in the design of this TV is the design of its support. It is perfectly integrated with the screen and gives a general feeling of balance.In addition, its support is in the shape of a pedestal.This TV could simply be one of the best in terms of design for mid-range. It has nothing to envy from its competitors. Even when it’s off, you won’t get tired of looking at it; only happiness!

LT-32VHQ52I from JVC – The screen

The designers of JVC have made this new TV set LT-32VHQ52I. A new mid-range model with the characteristics of its time, a well calibrated image, and a high-performance processing.
JVC remains anchored in its technological choices and decides to equip its new television set with it. 
The JVC LT-32VHQ52I is available in the HD resolution. This resolution is clearly better than what is generally done.
JVC presents this LT-32VHQ52I with a screen of 32 inches; this television is positioned in the range of small models.In the end, it is interesting to note that beyond the size, the screen is well made. A point to add when choosing between this model and other competitors.
By providing it with a frequency of 50 Hz, we’re looking at a high-end TV. Perfect image and exceptional synchronization in game or movie mode.
Note that with advanced technology, this TV gives you a HD quality picture .
My opinion to conclude on the display part. It’s in the range, without flourish or excess. An additional choice in the mid-range.

The sound of the JVC LT-32VHQ52I

A brief listening allows us to see that it does not work miracles. The sound is far from exceptional. That’s enough for TV shows, but not for home theater showings.
The television set is equipped with  two baffles
The sound quality of this TV is average. Don’t push the volume too hard, you’d be disappointed.

The Intelligent aspect of the JVC LT-32VHQ52I

This TV offers you the choice of connectivity: Whether through its Wifi function, or through the local network with other devices or computer devices (fixed or mobile computers, NAS synology for example), your TV LT-32VHQ52I is communicating.

The connection system of the JVC LT-32VHQ52I

As for the connectivity aspect on JVC LT-32VHQ52I, it provides you with sufficient elements.
In this price range, this TV offers a higher number of connections than most of its competitors.

It is with 8 possible connections that this LT-32VHQ52I is presented. The JVC LT-32VHQ52I is probably the best choice today. Most homes are now equipped with a box, a game console, a multimedia server, and other devices, in addition to the simple DVD player.
In clear, the connections available on this model are:
2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, 1 audio input, 1 component plug (Video), 1 composite plug (Y/Pb/Pr)

Technical characteristics of the JVC LT-32VHQ52I

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Sizes of the television without stand 73,6 cm x 46,4 cm x 8,29 cm
Screen size in inches 32
Screen resolution HD
Display system LED
Display frequency 50
Wifi Yes
Tuners available DVB-T2 DVB-S2 DVB-C 
Number of tuners 2
Number of USB ports 2
Number of HDMI ports 3
Number of audio inputs 1
Component Input (YpbPr) Yes
Composite Input (Video) Yes
DTS Sound Yes
Bluetooth Yes

LT-32VHQ52I from JVC – The conclusion

With the intention of making a difference this new LT-32VHQ52I JVC intends to make a difference. Well thought out and well finished. This mid-range is a wise choice.
The choice of JVC to include the smart TV system with the best of its know-how in the LT-32VHQ52I, leads us to say that this high-end TV is worth having a good look at it.
It’s a smart choice for this TV. HD resolution for daily use. In a few years the prices of Ultra 8k will have dropped.

From this new JVC we can retain 3 positive points:
the display frequency, the depth of the colours, the screen size.