Good idea : the 22PFS5303/12 Direct LED from Philips

What is the new Philips 22PFS5303/12 worth ?

In addition this Philips displays a Full HD resolution.  

TV design presentation Philips 22PFS5303/12

The design of the Philips 22PFS5303/12 has nothing to do with that of the other models in the Philips 5300 series.
This new Philips 22PFS5303/12 is quite standard, flat.
Another thing we can highlight in the design of this TV is the design of its support. It is perfectly integrated with the screen and gives a general feeling of balance.In addition, its support is of the pedestal type.

TV screen presentation Philips 22PFS5303/12

With this new model, Philips confirms one of its technological choices. The quality of the LED gives an excellent rendering. 
This model has a Full HD display. Whatever the characteristics, it is still a beautiful screen. On this point, don’t worry.
In addition, Philips has decided to use its mastery of advanced technology on this device, which allows it to benefit from a high quality Full HD image resolution.

The sound of the Philips 22PFS5303/12

The television set is equipped with  two baffles for a sound power of 3 W.

Presentation of the Smart TV part of the TV set Philips 22PFS5303/12

Despite the absence of a smart TV, which would have increased the price of the TV set, you still have the possibility to buy a TV-Box that will extend the functionality of your TV set for a reasonable price.

Technical characteristics of the Philips 22PFS5303/12

The main features of this TV set:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 51.23 cm x 30.8 cm x 5.41 cm
Screen size in inches 22
Screen resolution Full HD
Display system Direct LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 3
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-T2 DVB-S DVB-S2 DVB-C 
Number of tuners 7
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 2
Number of audio outputs 2
Number of audio inputs 1
VESA compatibility Yes

To conclude on the Philips 22PFS5303/12

To say the least, it’s complicated for a manufacturer to offer a model without smartTV. There are some among the competition, and at the same price. By choosing this 22PFS5303/12 you know where you stand.
With its Direct LED panel, this TV is doing better than average. The lighting is uniform.
Besides that, you have a TV set whose big advantage is its very competitive price. At this level, you have a TV that displays all your video sources correctly and allows you to have a very well defined picture in all circumstances.